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Picking Perfect Printed Paper: A Guide to Choosing the Best Bespoke Designer Wallpaper for You

If your home feels lacking in character or you fancy treating it to a transformative new look, one of the easiest yet most dramatic décor updates is installing wallpaper. But with so many stunning designs and varieties to pick from, how do you choose the right one? Read on for tips on finding your perfect wall covering, from contemporary digitals to classic Anaglypta woodchip effects.

Why Designer Wallpaper Rocks for Refreshing Rooms

Unlike changing up soft furnishings or artworks, wallpaper makes an instant, exciting impact in any space. Flooding walls with captivating colour, texture and pattern sets the scene for how you use rooms, from soothing sanctuaries to glamorous entertaining spaces.

But as well as looking fabulous, today’s wallpapers work harder too. Scrubbable vinyls withstand everything family living throws at them while faux architectural finishes like textured murals add depth without the need to labour over specialist plasters. Modern inks also ensure wall art stays vivid without fading, unlike paint which discolours over time.

Wallpaper does the decorating work for you too with prints covering up any imperfections like uneven plaster without the faff of filling and sanding required before painting. Just ensure surfaces are sound, smooth and dust-free so wall coverings adhere evenly.

Key Considerations for Choosing

Designer Wallpaper

With so many stunning designer wallpapers around, deciding on “the one” can seem overwhelming. Follow these top tips to hone in on prints perfect for you:

Reflect room size and use – Ascertain if wallpaper will suit your proportions before purchasing. Delicate trails may disappear in cavernous rooms while dizzying geometrics could make compact halls seem claustrophobic. Consider too if washes matter, picking scrubbable vinyls for kitchens and bathrooms.

Harmonise with existing hues – Pull out accent colours from soft furnishings into your wallpaper for a cohesive, considered scheme. Contrasting grounds stops matching décor items looking too matchy-matchy.

Dare to be different – Wallpaper lets you decorate daringly. From bold graphic powder rooms to jungle fever bedrooms, specialist prints showcase your personality in the most wonderful way.

Focus on quality – Avoid disappointment down the line by checking wallpapers suit locations before buying, picking lightfast inks for sunny rooms and durable vinyls if prone to bumps.

Our handy wallpaper selection checklist covers all major deciding factors:

Consideration Details to Check
Room dimensions Scale and busyness of pattern
Use of space Level of wear and tear expected
Existing palette Colour coordination with furnishings
Light levels Fade resistance of inks
Surface preparation Does paper suit wall type?

Fabulous Wallpaper Shopping Tips

Once you’ve decided on perfect wallpaper parameters for your space, how do you go about buying? Follow these top shopping tips:

Peruse online – Myriad designer wallpaper collections await online, viewable in seconds. Order samples to view scale and colours before purchase. Returns are easy too if unsuited.

Seek sales steals – Designer wallpaper offers crop up around peak times like Black Friday or January sales, making high-end prints an affordable reality.

Mind delivery fees – It’s easy to go overboard adding gorgeous wallpapers to baskets with just a few clicks. Watch excessive postal fees don’t negate bargains. Many sites ship free over £50.

Read reviews – Customer feedback reveals volumes about quality of goods and service. Check sites resolve issues promptly and communicate clearly to enjoy seamless purchases.

Hanging How-To’s

You’ve chosen the perfect paper for your walls. Ensure flawless fitting with these pro hanging tips:

  • Measure meticulously allowing 5-10% extra for pattern matching and errors.
  • Use quality adhesive for durable adhesion rather than all-purpose DIY glue.
  • Always align patterns across sheets using repeat markers before smoothing.
  • Hang strips from ceiling down, removing bubbles and wrinkles as you go for perfect results.
  • Change blades frequently when trimming to avoid ragged tears.
  • Mitre neatly into corners or use coving for a seamless finish between walls.

Final Flourishes

Once your designer wallpaper graces your walls, avoid remedial work by letting adhesive cure fully 48 hours before handling. Then finish the look with beautiful lighting, cushions and accessories echoing details of your new star decor item for fully fabulous rooms.

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about wallpapers:

Q: What’s the cost of designer wallpaper?

A: Prices typically range from £19-50/m2.

Q: Which wallpaper is best for kitchens and bathrooms?

A: Look for wipeable vinyl wallpapers able to withstand moisture and daily wear and tear.

Q: Should you prepare surfaces before hanging wallpaper?

A: Yes, ensure walls are smooth, sound, filled and dust-free so papers adhere properly without imperfections showing through.

Q: What tools are needed to hang wallpaper?

A: Have ready tape measure, scissors, sharp knife, brush, roller, paste brush and quality adhesive for flawless results.

Q: How long does wallpaper adhesive take to fully dry?

A: Allow 24 hours for adhesive to set but wait 48 hours before handling to prevent tears appearing.

We hope these tips help you pick perfect wallpapers to give your home a spectacular new look. With countless prints and finishes available from trusted retailers like Tapeko, it’s never been easier to add wow-factor décor on a budget.

Happy decorating your newly papered palace!

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