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A dining room with a 3D city skyline mural at night

Is 3D Wallpaper Good for Walls?

3D wallpaper can be an excellent addition to any home when used properly. The visual depth and dimension it adds makes rooms look larger and more interesting. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Prep the wall properly – Any wallpaper needs a smooth, clean surface to adhere correctly. Take time to repair flaws, sand, and prime the wall first.
  2. Use appropriate adhesive – Specialty adhesives made for heavier wallcoverings like 3D styles provide the strongest bond. Tapeko adhesives are ideal.
  3. Hire a pro for tricky installations – Highly textured or intricate 3D wallpaper is difficult for DIY installation. Consider hiring a professional installer for the best results.
  4. Clean gently – Too much scrubbing or harsh cleaners can damage 3D wallpaper. Use a soft cloth and mild soap and water.

With proper prep and care, 3D options add beautiful and unique dimension to accent walls, entryways, dining rooms and more.

How Do You Apply 3D Wall Paper to a Wall?

Applying 3D wallpaper takes a bit more time and skill than smoother designs. Here are some tips:

  • Level the surface – Fill any holes or imperfections so the paper lays flat.
  • Prime and size the walls – This helps the adhesive stick and the paper glide smoothly during installation.
  • Use a pasting machine – These tools evenly coat the backs of each sheet with adhesive for 3D and thicker papers.
  • Work from the top down – Starting at the ceiling and working down prevents slipping and alignment issues.
  • Smooth carefully – Use a wallpaper smoother to press sheets down gently, not a scraping tool that could damage the texture.
  • Overlap precisely – Match up the edges of each sheet to keep the 3D pattern seamless.
  • Work slowly – Take your time with tricky 3D textures. Rushing leads to bubbles and misaligned seams.

Patience and the right supplies make installing 3D wallpaper much easier. Consider hiring a pro for first-time installations.

An office space with a 3D desert sunset mural

How Long Does 3D Wallpaper Last?

With proper installation and care, 3D wallpaper can last anywhere from 5-10 years on average. Several factors affect its lifespan:

  • Adhesive quality – A strong wallpaper adhesive made specifically for heavy vinyl papers makes it stick tighter and last longer.
  • Installation – Professional installation prevents flaws, bubbles and seam issues that shorten wallpaper life.
  • Wear – The amount of traffic, scuffs and cleaning impacts how the texture holds up before showing damage. Gentle treatment preserves 3D wallpaper.
  • Light exposure – Direct sunlight fades colours over time. Limiting light keeps hues vibrant longer.
  • Humidity – Moisture can make wallpaper peel or develop mildew. Proper ventilation and moisture control helps it endure.
  • Cleanings – Use a soft cloth and only mild cleaners. Harsh chemicals and scrubbing wears down the texture.

With the right adhesive, installation, care and conditions, 3D wallpaper can maintain its beauty and dimension for years before needing replacement.

Does 3D Wallpaper Look Good?

3D wallpaper offers some gorgeous options that add depth, color and interest to any room when used thoughtfully:

  • Modern textures like hexagons and geometric patterns bring trendy style.
  • Tropical designs featuring leaves, flowers and vines make dynamic accent walls.
  • Brick, wood or stone looks to upgrade plain walls with natural but dramatic dimensions.
  • Whimsical shapes like clouds, balloons or dandelions please kids and the young at heart.
  • Metallic finishes add a glam, couture look to bedrooms and dining rooms.

The key is choosing the right 3D wallpaper style for your decor. Use it selectively on one accent wall or focal point. Match colours to your palette for a cohesive look. Consider hiring a designer if unsure. Installed well in the appropriate setting, 3D wallpapers look fresh, creative and elegant.

  • 3D wallpapers not only add visual depth to a room but also enhance its overall appearance. With a wide range of designs available, they offer longevity and are often available at affordable prices.

A bedroom with a 3D underwater scene mural

The lifespan of 3D wallpaper is influenced by various factors. Using a strong adhesive, ensuring professional installation, and taking gentle care of the wallpaper can significantly extend its life.

3D wallpaper offers a plethora of designs suitable for various home decor styles. Whether you have a modern, rustic, or eclectic interior, there’s a 3D wallpaper that can complement and elevate your space.

A modern living room with a 3D forest mural

What Colour of Wallpaper Makes a Room Look Bigger?

Lighter, neutral wallpaper colours often work best at visually expanding smaller rooms. Consider these open and airy choices:

  1. White – Crisp true white reflects the most light and seems to recede. Avoid flat white, which can seem stark. Eggshell or pearlized whites add dimension.
  2. Cream – Warmer cream tones still feel light but introduce subtle richness into a space.
  3. Tan – From camel to fawn, different shades of tan widen rooms nicely. They pair well with hardwoods.
  4. Light grey – Cool, misty shades of grey avoid closing in a space like darker greys. Blue-grey is lovely.
  5. Buttery yellow – Nearly white pale yellows keep rooms feeling bright and expanded. Avoid intense yellows.
  6. Aqua – Serene sky blue-greens give a watery, tranquil mood and sense of space.

Whichever soft colour suits your decor, use the lightest possible hue for maximum room expansion. Pair with airy sheer curtains and floor lengths to complete the effect.

What Type of Wallpaper Makes a Small Room Look Bigger?

Certain wallpaper styles create an illusion of more space in snug rooms:

  • Textured grasscloth – Natural grass fibres have openings that lend depth without bold patterns. Neutral colours work best.
  • Mica flecks – Tiny mica pieces reflect light on subtle metallic wallpaper. Shimmer without overwhelming.
  • Minimalist prints – Tiny dots, uniform lines, or outlines of organic shapes keep the look simple.
  • Faux wood planks – Vertical lines draw eyes up, avoiding a closed-in feel. Avoid strong graining.
  • Brick and stone – Look for superficial treatments that mimic textures without dramatic dimension that weighs a room down.
  • Watercolours – Soft, faded washes of paint suggest windows and let light through visually.

Save intensely coloured, heavily patterned or boldly three-dimensional wallpaper for larger spaces. Favour motifs that are light, airy and vertically oriented on cosier walls.

What Colour Makes a Room Look Bigger?

Painting walls certain colours will make nearly any room look fresher and more spacious:

  • White – Stark true white has great reflective properties to enlarge rooms. Soft ivory is warm.
  • Light grey – Cool, misty shades of grey avoid closing in a space like darker greys. Blue-grey is lovely.
  • Pale green – Airy spring green, seafoam and lime wash shades widen rooms. Deeper greens shrink space.
  • Tan – From camel to fawn, different shades of tan widen rooms nicely. They pair well with hardwoods.
  • Lavender – Soft lilacs and muted mauves make small rooms feel more expansive.
  • Light blue – Barely-there blue tints lend an ethereal quality without overwhelming.

Stick to the palest versions of these wall colours for maximum illusion of space. Trim and ceilings painted the same hue also expands. Add airy drapes in the same colour palette.

Certainly! Here’s a table showcasing the advantages of 3D wallpapers from Tapeko:

Advantage Emotional Description
Visual Depth Dive into a world where your walls come alive, creating an illusion of space and depth that’s nothing short of magical.
Room Enhancement Elevate the aesthetics of any room, turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary visual experiences.
Diverse Designs From modern textures to whimsical shapes, there’s a design to resonate with every soul and every decor style.
Longevity With the right care, these wallpapers promise to be your room’s companion for years, retaining their charm and vibrancy.
Affordability Luxury doesn’t always have to break the bank. With prices starting from just 19 Euro, elegance is now affordable.
Easy Application With a bit of patience and the right tools, transform your walls into art. And if you’re new, consider hiring a pro!
Complements All Decor Styles Whether your home speaks modern, rustic, or eclectic, there’s a 3D wallpaper waiting to blend in and stand out.
Special Discounts Who doesn’t love a good deal? Enjoy a whopping -40% discount until the 30th, making it the perfect time for a makeover.
High Quality Quality is a promise. With Tapeko, rest assured you’re adorning your walls with nothing but the best.
Fast Delivery in UK Because waiting is hard, especially when it’s for something beautiful. Expect swift deliveries, especially in the UK.

Does 3D Wallpaper Complement All Decor Styles?

3D wallpaper offers options suitable for all types of home decor:

  1. Modern – Geometric 3D shapes, metallic finishes, exposed bricks or concrete effects
  2. Eclectic – Whimsical or artsy wallpaper textures and patterns
  3. Rustic – Faux wood grain wallpaper planks add natural texture
  4. FarmhouseFlower wallpaper, grasscloth styles, and block prints
  5. Traditional – Look for damask-inspired 3D wallpaper or flocked velvety options
  6. Coastal – Understated textured sandstone or sea glass 3D wallpapers
  7. Jungle (Tropical) – Bamboo, botanical and palm frond wallpaper designs
  8. Kids – Bubble 3D wallpaper or friendly animal themes

Consult photos of your space online or in home decor magazines to find a style that complements your overall look. Order samples to view colours and scale. With so many choices, you can find the perfect 3D wallpaper to enhance any design aesthetic in your home.


Is 3D wallpaper more expensive than regular wallpaper?

Yes, 3D wallpaper generally costs more per roll than regular wallpaper. The specialised materials, textured production techniques, and added hand labour involved in manufacturing 3D wallpaper make it pricier. However, using 3D wallpaper selectively as an accent can maximise impact while limiting overall spend.

Does 3D wallpaper peel off walls easily?

Quality 3D wallpaper applied properly with the right adhesive to a smooth, prepared surface will not easily peel. However, moisture issues, poor installation, or low-grade adhesives can cause 3D wallpaper to separate from the wall over time. Hiring professional installers is suggested.

Is it harder to remove 3D wallpaper?

3D wallpaper can be more challenging to take down due to the texture and depth of the material. Using a steamer helps soften the wallpaper and adhesive for easier removal. Scraping tools can damage the drywall. Take care not to gouge walls when removing 3D wallpaper.

Does 3D wallpaper work better on certain walls?

3D wallpaper creates the most drama and impact when used on large, unobstructed accent walls in rooms. Avoid using complex 3D designs on awkward wall spaces with doors, openings, or complex architecture that make installation tricky.

Does 3D wallpaper come pre-pasted?

While some standard wallpapers come pre-pasted from the factory, most 3D wallpaper styles require fasting during the installation process. The thickness and relief of 3D wallpaper requires even adhesive application for good results, making pasting onsite preferred.

Explore More Wallpaper Possibilities with Tapeko

For more unique and creative wallpaper ideas that add depth and beauty to any room, browse Tapeko’s expansive catalogue of wall murals including:

  1. Gorgeous 3D floral wallpapers that add lush, lively blooms without maintenance
  2. Lifelike animal murals from majestic horses to colourful birds
  3. Dramatic black and white wall murals for modern flair
  4. Cityscape murals featuring global skylines from London to Dubai
  5. Glamorous wall murals with luxury textures like crystal chandeliers
  6. Whimsical fairytale forest murals and enchanting garden scenes
  7. Chic marble and stone wall murals bringing elegant texture indoors

With Tapeko’s curated collections, you can find 3D and wall murals to match any mood, from playful and relaxed to elegant and refined. Their peel-and-stick application makes dramatic temporary or permanent upgrades easy. Browse online or visit a retailer to speak with a design. expert about finding your perfect statement wallcovering.

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