Our certifications

KLW Sp. z o.o. markets its wallpaper and photo wallpaper products under the Tapeko brand. The company has received a hygiene certificate from the National Institute of Public Health (pzh.gov.pl), confirming the safety and quality of its products. This certificate ensures that Tapeko’s products meet health and safety standards, offering assurance to customers about the materials used.

Our certifications

Certificate Details:

  • Issued by: The National Institute of Public Health.
  • Key Information: The certificate verifies that Tapeko products comply with hygiene requirements, making them safe for any setting.
  • Acces: Certificatul de igienă este disponibil online, detaliind conformitatea produselor noastre cu standardele de sănătate.

Important Notes:

  • Odors in Production: Odors from production and installation are natural, related to the printing materials. It’s recommended to ventilate areas after installing photo wallpapers until the odor fades.
  • Safety of Products: The certificate confirms the safety of Tapeko’s vinyl and non-woven wallpapers, suitable for all types of rooms.
  • Hygiene Commitment: Tapeko has been conducting hygiene assessments since 2008 to ensure product safety and quality.

The hygiene certificate is a proof of Tapeko’s commitment to producing safe, high-quality wallpaper products.

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